Over the years my passion for writing has grown from fictional stories to innocent scribbles in my yearly cat diaries, to blogging on the big world wide web. For me, writing about my life, from the happy moments to low ones, has boosted my self-awareness and my understanding of failure. It has encouraged me to be happy.

My name is Kyra, I’m an overly cautious, emotional and observant person, with a seriously silly sense of humour. I have been blessed with all the food intolerances in the world combined with an unfair love of foods I cannot consume. I live with my partner Luke and our two cats Jamie and Cleo.

I’m a journalism graduate interested in history, science, psychology, politics, and well-being, but not being able to do much about it in this job market. So I currently spend my time working in JD Sports, bugging and hanging clothes to pay the bills.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, chat to me, add me on facebook/twitter. And lastly, I hope you enjoy my blog!

Kyra Edwards




Kyra xo



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